Georgia Goes to Lunch


I am excited to finally announce the publication of my picture book, Georgia Goes to Lunch, written by Andrea Coppick. You can purchase a copy HERE.

The twelve illustrations I created, using a variety of digital techniques, have transparent colors and textural characteristics like watercolor. They give us a bright view into Georgia’s world, where the sky is blue, the trees are ideal for climbing, and anything is possible.

About the story:

Georgia is a fearless 7-year-old who loves to observe the world from the trees and rooftops of her neighborhood. She can keep herself entertained for hours, just taking in the sights and sounds of people and animals down below. On one unassuming day a friend of Georgia’s mom drops by to tempt them with a lunch outing. Georgia thinks very little of it at first, but is soon swept away to an intriguing little airport for a magical aviation adventure. 

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Purchase the book HERE!

Georgia Goes to Lunch
by Andrea Coppick
Illustrations by Meg Sodano
Price $7.95
ISBN: 978-0-578-13737-7
Published by Professional Woman Publishing, LLC