Illustrating the importance and vulnerability of Eastern hemlock forests

This is an Eastern hemlock forest (Tsuga canadensis). The illustration on the left shows a healthy forest, a beautiful place to explore on a summer day, to sit quietly and listen to the vireos, and return to with your snowshoes in winter. On the right is what that forest could look like after an infestation of hemlock woolly adelgid* (Adelges … More Illustrating the importance and vulnerability of Eastern hemlock forests


Four years ago I made a color wheel with the primary pigments I use most often (alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and lemon yellow) as a reference for some painting I was working on. It came in handy this weekend when I needed to create an illustration that celebrates seed catalogs and the beautiful variety of vegetables … More RGB VEG

Imagination Running

Fall is peak running season for me. I logged more than 30 miles in the past week, on pavement and concrete and the UAlbany track. Wednesday evening, near the end of a tough 7 mile work-out, I cruised past some maple trees with bright pink leaves and enjoyed a spectacular sunset. Inspired by that moment, I took advantage … More Imagination Running

Here’s the Scoop

Our local food co-op, Honest Weight, has a quarterly newsletter (The Coop Scoop – check it out!), and they’ve asked me to contribute some illustrations. These were created entirely in Photoshop using custom brushes (as always) and a woodblock print texture overlayed. Of course I sprinkled some natural science into each one: jasmine blossoms for … More Here’s the Scoop