Vernal Pool Coloring Page

Spotted salamanders, wood frogs, and spring peepers are just a few who rely on healthy vernal pool habitat. Happy coloring! Click here to download a 8.5×11 pdf of this coloring page. Advertisements

Galápagos Artist Residency – Part 1 – Teaching, Learning, and Making Art

Gosh, I have a lot to say about this adventure! I’m pretty excited about what I learned and the people I met in the enchanted islands of Galápagos, and my experiences will probably influence everything I do as an artist from here forward.  I will attempt to keep this story to two blog posts, but friends and family will … More Galápagos Artist Residency – Part 1 – Teaching, Learning, and Making Art


Crazy thunderstorms and downpours are happening in February in Upstate NY! While I was messing around with a charcoal pencil in my sketchbook, these two characters showed up. Seemed like a good fit for this week’s Illustration Friday topic: Shelter. The sketch was combined in Photoshop with a swatch of colored pencil crosshatching on Canson … More Shelter

Alumni Speech

Back June I was invited to be the alumni speaker at the RISD Continuing Education Commencement Ceremony – a very nice honor – and RISD|CE has posted my speech on their website! From RISD|CE “Making Art a Career” Professional illustrator Meg Sodano was the alumni speaker at RISD|CE’s Certificate Program Commencement Ceremony in June 2015. The … More Alumni Speech

Light and dark

India ink is a very satisfying medium to work with. You paint it on like watercolor, and it flows and bleeds and blends in beautiful ways. But unlike watercolor, once it hits the paper, it’s there for good.  This illustration (11 x 8.5 inches) took me about 15 hours to paint, in order to build up … More Light and dark

Imagination Running

Fall is peak running season for me. I logged more than 30 miles in the past week, on pavement and concrete and the UAlbany track. Wednesday evening, near the end of a tough 7 mile work-out, I cruised past some maple trees with bright pink leaves and enjoyed a spectacular sunset. Inspired by that moment, I took advantage … More Imagination Running

Georgia Goes to Lunch

I am excited to finally announce the publication of my picture book, Georgia Goes to Lunch, written by Andrea Coppick. You can purchase a copy HERE. The twelve illustrations I created, using a variety of digital techniques, have transparent colors and textural characteristics like watercolor. They give us a bright view into Georgia’s world, where … More Georgia Goes to Lunch